I never said this would be a one fandom blog.

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Taylor’s 2009 tweets deserve some kind of award or something. pt3

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+: music videos {insp.}

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"goodnight" patrick whispers as he tucks his fedora into bed


I’m never taking it off


I’m never taking it off

There was a little demo I made when I was 11, and I think it’s floating around the Internet. It’s called “Smoky Black Nights,” and it’s all about being at the Shore. Then there’s the song “Invisible,” which is about the son of my parents’ friends. They were always at my house and their son was my age, and he would always tell me about other girls he liked. I felt, well, invisible. Obviously. So I wrote that song about it, and it was a bonus track on my first album.

- Taylor Swift talking about songs inspired by the Shore (x)

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Patrick Stump - This City (my edit, please don’t steal.)

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fun first date ideas: overthrow ur government w/ the bae